Do Cats Have Aspergers?

As I mentioned before, my compound word “autcat” comes from “autistic” and “cat”. One might wonder how do the two relate in any way. After all, they are seemingly unrelated topics. They’re not. Let me elaborate on that.

Years ago, before I even thought this area would ever be of any interest to me, I came across a book in the local library. I had two little kids and I was looking at young children’s books. Since my son was fascinated with cats one particular book caught my attention. It was “All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome” by Kathy Hoopmann. It was placed in children’s department, although I don’t seem to understand the logic behind it. It’s not really a children’s book. Be that as it may, I glanced through it. It was really intriguing and funny. It was very picturesque, it was describing some common symptoms and refering to kids having them, but along with the text it was featuring photos of cats acting out those symptoms. The book was actually drawing paralels with cats’behavior and behaviour of a child with Asperger’s. I did not know at the time what Asperger Syndrome was. I googled it the more I was reading about it, the more I was getting the feeling I was reading about something familiar. Very familiar. I learned that Asperger Syndrome was a form of autism, but the good one. The savant form. The one that makes you a weirdo, but also a genious. I thought that was pretty cool.

Looking back on that moment I find it interesting that Asperger Syndrome seemed strangely appealing and exciting to me. My reaction was not “oh dear god, that’s such an awful thing that can happen to someone.” Which is pretty much the most common reaction of any other person when the word Asperger is mentioned. My reaction was more like “I wish I could get to know one of these interesting people. They seem awesome.”

It was not until years later that I learned I actually did know a few of them. And they indeed are awesome. The best people I know.


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