About AutCats
17.12.2019 22:19 Kittycat

AutCats is a community of people, who don’t fit in the box neither do they want to. People who think for themselves and speak their mind. Intellectuals, introverts, people with a unique view of the world. People with the greatest integrity one can imagine. People with a feline like personality. If you recognize yourself in the above description, AutCats is the place for you.

I have been studying Asperger’s Syndrome for over 15 years. One of the reasons for that is the fact that I have it myself and I am proud of it. However, that was not always the case. It took me years to understand that this is what I am and I’m not going to change. Ever. As a mother of a young aspie I have set a goal for myself to enlighten and inform people about the true face of Asperger’s Syndrome and most important, to uplift other aspies and help them take pride in their Asperger’s. When reading my posts one might get the impression that I’m trying to glorify life with autism. I’m not. I know all too well the struggle of being autistic. But I am deliberately focusing on all the positive aspects, because I do not want to add to the insult and abuse the autistic community has been putting up with due to the uninformed and ignorant society. My articles are nevertheless based on years of thorough research and on the latest scientific findings. I don’t make stuff up and I don’t write on impulse. As an aspie and a Mensa member I tend to dig into things even deeper and more passionately than an average person and when I complete my investigation I can stand firmly behind my words. I understand that my views are somewhat controversial and some people might get offended by them. By now I have already realized and accepted I am an aquired taste. Read my articles. Tell me your opinion, share with me your personal experience. If you think I might be wrong, you are more than welcome to state your opinion, but back it up with solid arguments that I can consider.

Aside from being an Asperger’s Syndrome awareness advocate I am also a mom of teenage children, a cat lover and a journalist, which might explain the turn my posts sometimes take.

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