The Wonders of Spring Night
The Wonders of Spring Night
28.04.2018 22:05 Kittycat

There’s nothing quite like spring evening. The almost full moon. The sound of crickets all around me. The opulent fragrance of lilac in my garden.

And then I hear a sound, a soft murmur.

A silhouette appears from the dark. It’s my mate, my sole companion, my Virgil, the one who has been with me to hell and back, who has never left my side, who has never judged me. He comes to me and rubs against my leg.

I cuddle him affectionately and he purrs while he rubs his face against mine. We walk together through the garden, watching the moon and listening to crickets.

It’s a beautiful night. It’s warm. I’m enjoying a pleasant scent of beautiful flowers. The sound of crickets reminds me of summer which has always been my favorite season. And I’m accompanied by my most trusted friend.

And I suddenly recognize the splendid perfume in the air. I thought it was lilac. But instead, it is hope. Life seems almost bearable. I am still aware of the horrors that are my life. But moments like this make it worth holding on.