5 Positive Aspie Traits – A Sneakpeek Into Aspergerian Mind
5 Positive Aspie Traits – A Sneakpeek Into Aspergerian Mind
18.12.2017 22:12 Kittycat

Neurotypical society tends to belittle people with Asperger’s Syndrome and make them feel defective and flawed. People who got their assesment early in their life are supposed to gain understanding from it, but instead they often become victions of a system that forces them to act more typical undesr the pretense of “rehabilitation.” But there is no need for that. Aspies are perfect as they are and they share a lot of positive traits.

These are only a few:


Aspies are sincere and loyal. They might tell you to your face what they think and possibly insult someone, but they will never stab you in the back or let down a friend in need. If you manage to befriend an aspie, you have got yourself a lifelong friend.


The great majority of aspies are highly intelligent. This can be easily measured with number of professional psychological tests used for that purpose. The main problem is that many aspies never get tested because they tend to be shy, introverted, quiet and socially awkward, which makes them look a bit slow in the eyes of an average NT person. Which is a great loss to the world since many talents go unnoticed and true potential not achieved.


People with Asperger’s Syndrome are able to focus on issue of their interest to an extreme extent. They might even forget to eat or sleep when they’re solving a problem or doing a research. They will not put down their work until they get to the bottom of the matter.


Aspies are not followers. The idea of going with the crowd is appalling to them. They set their own mind frame and stick to it. They think out of the box. They have different perspective and that enables them to solve problems that were once considered unsolvable.


Aspies notice the smallest details and memorize them for a long time.  This enables them to acquire a great amount of knowledge or just fun facts. They can contribute greatly in situations or professional fields where accurate account of past events is important.

And we could go on and on with this list. People with Asperger’s Syndrome are unique. If one day the society will stop forcing them to fit in the box that is clearly not meant for them, they will be able to contribute to the world greatly.