The World Does Not Need A Cure For Autism – Here’s Why
The World Does Not Need A Cure For Autism – Here’s Why
30.09.2017 22:02 Kittycat

I have recently came across a non-profit organization devoted to curing autism. Literally.

Now just what is wrong with that? What is wrong with people? I literally don’t know where to start. I can not understand the need of some people to turn autism into something that is not. 

First of all, autism is not a disease. It is not and it never will be. That is actually scientifically proven. It is classified as a disorder, which is also debatable, but I will adress that issue another time. The way I see autism it is merely a condition or a characteristics. A difference, if you like.

I see autism from the inside. This way it looks perfectly fine to me. It enables me to see, contemplate, understand things differently than most people. I see it also from the outside. That way it appears a bit more challenging, but I think all parents, including neurotypical parents of neurotypical children, consider the life’s challenges of their child much more immense than their own. However, I have always handled my autism just fine and so has my child. He doesn’t consider himself as someone who has to be cured.

Upon receiving the “diagnosis”, as offensive as this word is, I was more surprised at the attitude of health care professionals than anything else. They talked to me with empathy or even pity in their voices, they were also trying to be supportive, they also included him in all sorts of therapies. All of them eventually turned out as at least unnecessary, if not even damaging. I was perplexed. It was like my son was perfectly fine for 9 years and now he is damaged and in desperate need of professional help. He hadn’t change between being fine and being damaged. The only change was the diagnosis itself. I could not comprehend why everyone is all of a sudden giving me advice on how to change him. I didn’t want him to be different. He is perfect as he is. He always has been. He has out of the box mindset. He values things differently. He sees beyond regular stuff. His only problen were people who wanted him to act differently.

I could not understand why so many people were having problem with him being different. Then it hit me. They were afraid. The today sociery with its educational system is trying to raise a uniformed nation. A nation of pre-programmed robots designed to follow orders and with limited range of own thinking allowed. Someone who refuses to fit in or to comply to their terms presents a threat. That person can seriously damage world order as we know it given the opportunity. And that is why society will go to great lenghts to prevent this from happening. The moment I realized that it became clear to me that I have no business changing my son or even myself. Even more, I have the moral obligation to persevere. We all have.

Autism does not have to be cured. It should not even be attempted. Autistic people and Aspergers are here for a reason. The world needs us. We need us.