Who Are AutCats?
Who Are AutCats?
08.08.2017 21:50 Urša Prosenjak

Some people are autcats. They (we, actually) may be referred to as autistic or Aspies. They are even called by various derogatory names of different intensity. They find human company exausting and social interraction with most people is a bother to them. They connect better with cats and animals in general. They feel as if they even are half cats.

The name “autcats” is a portmanteau neologism with a hint of a word play. It is pronunced [aʊtkæts], which I know is not the way any native speaker would pronunce it instinctively. I decided on this pronunciation to hint at another meaning (the word play mentioned above) and because I think it sounds nicer.

Let me explain the hidden meaning of the word. When you have high functioning autism or Aspergers Syndrome people do not perceive you as you are. To them you seem weird and aloof, to say the least. For various reasons, some of them are you being socially awkward, or shy, or way more intelligent than average person, people do not want you around. They do not want to hang out with you. They do not invite you to your events. Eventually they cut you off completely. It is pretty much the same at work. No one explores the quality of your work or evaluates what can you contribute to the organization as a professional. They notice your lack of social skills. They resent you not being up your boss+s ass, and not bringing homemade cookies and inviting co-workers to barbacues. In all areas of your life you eventually become an outcast. And that is the word play and the hidden meaning of my compound word.

However, being autcat is not plain being autistic, or being outcast, or being a cat person. It is a combination of all of the above and much more. It is a vast meaning of being different than the majority. And it is pretty cool.